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Jobs in Database - 446
Jobs - 7 days - 139
New Jobs - 45

Job Categories

Police Executives     (27)
Fire/EMS Executives     (19)
Fire Inspector     (3)
Fire Marshal     (2)
Public Safety Executives     (2)
Sheriff Executives     (0)
Campus Executives     (0)
Security Executives     (0)
Administrative Executives     (2)
Homeland Security     (0)
Emergency Management     (3)
Corrections Executives     (2)
Captains/Lieutenants/Sergeants     (2)
Police Officers     (134)
Deputy Sheriffs     (14)
Campus Police/Security     (0)
Firefighter/EMS     (38)
Corrections/Probation     (15)
911 Communications     (39)
Investigations     (0)
Education/Training     (2)
IT/Computer/MIS/GIS/Analysts     (31)
Legal     (23)
Courts     (9)
Clerk/Clerical/Secretarial     (0)
Support Services     (7)
Social Services     (7)
Animal Control/Services     (6)
Other Public Safety     (2)
Safety and Security     (0)
Aviation/Marine     (3)
International     (0)

City/County Administrators     (54)

Records Management System


Records Management System (RMS) Write reports using any Device for $150.00 a month.

Ultra-Fast Platform

We use lightweight Linux containers with SSD disks for unmatched resource efficiency and site speed.
Auto-Scalable Resources

We can add more resources to your RMS in a click or set them to auto-scale upon traffic spikes during emergencies without rebooting.
Daily Backups

We keep 7 offsite backups of your account from 7 consecutive days to guarantee no data will ever be lost.

Main Menu

Add Reports, Daily Log, Roll Call info, Accident Report, Booking and Records Search


Add Persons, Offenses, Property, Vehicles and a Narrative and submit for approval.

Daily Log

Daily log records date and time plus mileage, vehicle number and lists daily activity.

Calls for Service

List calls assigned and action taken at each call.

Traffic Activity

Traffic activity logs all traffic stops, location, if a citation or warning was issued and it's number.

Roll Call

A list of BOLOs and pass on information to include photos.

Records Search

Search records by last name, address, serial number or vehicle license tag.

Accident Report

Currently a Georgia PDF form you can fill out.

Booking Report

Begins the process of booking a person in the jail.


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