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Date Posted:               April 23, 2017
City/Organization:      Clark County, WA
Title:                           Entry Level and Lateral Corrections Deputy
Category:                   Corrections

Entry Level and Lateral Corrections Deputy - Clark County, WA

Job Description:

Job Title Entry Level & Lateral Corrections Deputy
Organization Name Sheriff's Office
The Job

Please carefully read application requirements listed under Selection Process


Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis.  Testing and Interviews will be offered periodically.


Corrections Deputies in the Clark County Sheriff’s Office are governed by State Civil Service laws, which require specific recruitment and testing procedures.  


This recruitment will be used to create a six month eligibility list to fill current and future positions within the Sheriff’s Office.  


Due to the mixed gender jail population, the Sheriff’s Office would like to increase the representation of female Corrections Deputies.  We strongly encourage women interested in this field of work to apply.


It is the mission of the Clark County Jail, in partnership with our community, to provide safe, secure and constitutional detention facilities in the most respectful, professional and fiscally responsible manner possible.  The core mission of the Corrections Branch of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office is “Helping inmates released from our facilities successfully reenter our community through a comprehensive level of supervision and care.” 


Protecting the community from the inside, Corrections Deputies provide care and maintain order, discipline, and security for the inmates of the Clark County Jail.  Employees in this classification are responsible for the operation of the jail on a 24-hour, 7 day-a-week basis and are expected to be able to perform the functions and duties of all shifts in all required areas of the jail.  Incumbents do not carry firearms or other weapons within the jail but may do so when commissioned and authorized to transport prisoners.  


The key responsibilities of the position are as follows: 

  • Booking and releasing prisoners
  • Maintaining security in all areas of the jail
  • Supervision of work assigned to inmates
  • Writing reports on inmate conduct, rule violations, and general disturbances
  • Supervision of visitation, recreation, movement, and meals
  • Monitoring jail access
  • Answering and directing telephone calls
  • Performing safety and security searches 

Most assignments will involve supervision of male and female inmates ranging from minimum to maximum security levels.  The primary shift assignment is 4 days on, 4 days off cycle on a 12 hour shift.  Interested and qualified deputies may be promoted or selected to areas of increased responsibility or special assignment.  These may include: Transport, Honor Guard, Hostage Negotiations, Inmate Classification, Facility Intel, Security Response Team, Training, Work Release, Background Investigations, and Internal Affairs.  Deputies who are placed as laterals may test for promotional opportunities after three years with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office or comparable Corrections Deputy experience with a government agency similar to the Clark County Sheriff’s Department.  


These positions are represented by and require membership in the Clark County Corrections Deputy Guild.

Selection Process

Application Review – Incomplete applications will not pass the review; attaching a resume or referring to a resume does not substitute for a completed application.  Candidates will be evaluated based on the content of their applications and those deemed most qualified will be invited to participate in the remainder of the selection process.


Written and Physical Agility Exams:  (Written-Weighted 40%, Physical Agility-Pass/Fail)

Click on this link for   Requirements for the Physical Agility Exam


Both exams will be administered on REGULAR BASIS TO BE DETERMINED.  The testing schedule will be publicized once it is set.


Oral Board Interview:  (Weighted 60%) Interviews will be job-related and may include, but not be limited to, the qualifications outlined in the job announcement.  Interviews will be conducted on a regular basis, details will be released.  The interview requires a passing score of 70% for continued consideration.


Eligibility List - Successful candidates’ final scores will be ranked order of high/low.  All candidates who successfully pass the oral board interview process (70% or better) will be placed onto the Clark County Civil Service eligibility list according to rank.  Rank is established by the candidate’s overall oral board interview score.  The Civil Service Commission will review and certify the list to be in effect for one year from the date of list certification.  


Background Investigation - Involves a comprehensive investigation based on information provided by candidates’ personal history statements.  The investigation may include: a neighborhood check, reference checks, personal interview, work history check, criminal, driving, and financial history checks (from high school forward).  The Clark County Sheriff’s Office conducts background investigations on candidates for positions in the Sheriff’s Office who have satisfactorily completed the Civil Service examination process.  The background investigation is a valued component in the overall picture of a candidate.  Issues of integrity and ethics are taken very seriously due to our commitment to the community.  The investigation will include: a neighborhood check, reference checks, personal interview, work history check, criminal, driving, and financial history checks. 


Final Selection Interview:  As positions become available, the top three candidates (going down the list - who have successfully completed all of the recruitment processes as described above) are contacted to participate in a final interview process conducted by the Sheriff’s Office.


Post Offer Process:  The post offer process includes successful completion prior to actual employment of a physical agility assessment, polygraph, psychological evaluation and full medical including drug screening.


Veteran’s Preference*

Washington State law RCW 41.04.010 provides for Veterans' Scoring Criteria status in the examination of applicants for employment provided certain requirements are met.  Clark County awards Veterans' Scoring Criteria, in accordance with state law, to veterans honorably released from active military service who meet all statutory requirements.  If you are claiming Veterans' Scoring Criteria, you must attach your DD Form 214 Copy 4 to your completed application packet.


Qualifying candidates will receive 10% added to their final (combined written and oral board exam) scores unless they are receiving military retirement.  If qualifying candidates are receiving military retirement, 5% will be added to their overall final score.  Veterans working for a city or county – who are called into active service for at least one or more years, may receive 5% to first promotional examinations only. 


*NOTE: Veterans preference applies to all Clark County Sheriff’s civil service entry-level positions.  Please provide a DD214.


Background Standards:


The Background Standards for public safety positions in the Clark County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) reflect the very high standards demanded of candidates for public safety job classifications and safety sensitive positions within county service.  They are designed to identify the kinds of behaviors which are required of public safety officers serving the citizens of Clark County.  Each candidate's past choices, judgments, and behaviors will be compared to these demanding standards.  Candidates who fall short of demonstrating consistently sound decision making, maturity, and responsible past behaviors in each of these areas will not be further considered for employment in these critical positions.


Each Standard represents an area that is essential for success in public safety employment.  The CCSO identifies and selects only those individuals with the highest chance of success in their training and in continuing employment in these critical positions.  These are highly competitive examinations, with many more candidates than there are positions available in CCSO service.  Candidates are asked to critically assess their own background in light of these Standards before beginning the examination process.


You cannot be a Clark County Corrections Deputy if:

        You cannot obtain a valid Washington State driver’s license.

        You do not have a high school diploma or GED.

        You will not be 21 years old at time of hire. (CJTC requirement)

        You are not a U.S. citizen. (RCW requirement) 

        You have been convicted of D.U.I. within the last 3 years or have two or more D.U.I. convictions.  A diversion or similar action is a conviction.

        You have been convicted of Reckless Driving or Attempting to Elude within the last four years.

        You have been convicted of any act of domestic violence assault.

        You have been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Services. (Civil Service Rules 7.07h)

        You have been convicted of a felony. (RCW Chapter 9.96a)


You may not be hired as a Clark County Corrections Deputy if:

        Your traffic record shows a continuing and recent pattern of poor decision making.

        You have been convicted of driving while suspended or revoked within the last five years. 

        You have been convicted of any crime involving controlled substances.

        You have been convicted of a misdemeanor within the last five years.

        You have used any illegal substances other than marijuana within the last seven years.

        Your personal life shows a history of poor judgment and refusal to confront problems. (Examples: Non-payment of child support, ignoring overdue bills, etc.).

        You have recently or are currently misrepresenting yourself or ignoring any laws. (Examples: Not paying taxes, using a false address for school tuition purposes, etc.).

        You have provided controlled substances to others or have been involved in long term criminal activity.

        Your work history shows a pattern of unexcused absences, discipline, or discharge. (Civil Service Rules 7.07d)

        People who know you have doubts about your honesty, integrity, or character.

        You are not available and willing to work any shift.


Minimum qualifications include the following: 

·        High school diploma or a GED certification.

·        At least twenty-one (21) years of age. 

·        United States' Citizenship required.

·        Valid driver's license at time of appointment.

·        Bi-Lingual language skills preferred.

·        Have no prior felony convictions and/or recent or excessive drug usage history.

·        Solid writing skills and basic report preparation.

·        Communication skills, mediation and problem solving.

·        Ability to exercise sound judgment.

·        Ability to use a computer with knowledge of various software applications.

·        Ability to successfully complete Clark County Sheriff's Department background investigation. 

·        Entrance to and successful completion of the Corrections Academy or Equivalency Academy including the physical fitness requirements, as required by RCW 43.101. 


Lateral Candidates must possess these additional qualifications:

  • Two to three years of custody experience in a comparable county, municipal or state agency in the United States.
  • Current certification through a state corrections academy (comparable to Washington State Academy).
  • Have the ability to successfully complete the Washington State Training Commission’s Equivalency Academy within the first 12 months of employment and prior to completion of probation. 

Eligible Lateral candidates will be considered and placed on a separate eligibility list once testing is complete.


Knowledge of:  principles, techniques and procedure associated with incarceration and dealing effectively with incarcerated individuals; federal, state and local laws relative to the inmate housing and treatment; department policies, directives and procedures and basic self-defense tactics.


Ability to:  learn, interpret and apply department policies and procedures; interpret and apply federal, state, and local laws and regulations; communicate clearly and effectively with inmates, coworkers, supervisory personnel and the public; prepare effective written materials and reports; handle multiple tasks and deadlines; exercise appropriate judgment and decision making; act quickly and effectively in emergencies and exert physical restraint of disorderly inmates.


Clark County is committed to increasing the ethnic, cultural and social diversity of its workforce.




The majority of the time is spent in the jail facility, where the officer must respond to emergencies presenting physical risks from various sources including violent suspects/inmates, weapons, noise, chemicals, bodily secretions, and other potential situations/dangers typical to jail settings.  Incumbents must be able to wear protective equipment as required by the department.  Additionally, incumbents are expected to manage face-to-face interactions and confrontations with angry, hostile, depressed and/or otherwise emotionally distraught suspects/inmates.  Incumbents primarily work in a jail environment, and occasionally escort inmates to court or appointments.  Work shifts include overtime, holidays and weekends, and emergency response is required.


Essential tasks include use of various equipment associated with a jail environment in addition to equipment such as a personal computer, telephone, copiers, printers, and other applicable technical equipment.  In addition to sitting, walking, standing, bending, carrying of light items, an incumbent must be able to run, subdue, and restrain individuals within and out of the jail facility.  Incumbents are required to drive a vehicle: to off-site training facilities, seminars, academies, or in the transport of inmates to appointments.


$24.03 - $32.24 per hour

How To Apply

Apply here on-line.  Application materials are due by the closing date listed on the recruitment.  Please read the Job Posting material thoroughly to determine application requirements.


Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis.

The County

Benefits and Salary Information

Clark County offers a comprehensive benefits package including: 

        Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance

        Paid Days Off

        Deferred Compensation (457 Plan)

        Retirement Options

        Employee Assistance Program

        5 Paid Holidays

        Flexible Spending 

        Life Insurance

        Supplemental Life Insurance 

        Long Term Disability 


Project positions are not eligible for Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Flexible Spending Accounts.


It is the general policy of the County to start employees in the lower or middle sections of the salary range.



Clark County is located in the southwestern part of the State of Washington, across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.  With almost 600 programs serving nearly 436,000 residents, the county provides a wide variety of employment opportunities for about 1600 people.  Clark County’s structure is complex, with 18 elected officials, 13 regional councils and districts, and numerous appointed boards.  Although the county seat is in downtown Vancouver, county employees provide services to all of its residents, from urban cities and towns, to the hundreds of miles of beautiful countryside.  Clark County offers excellent livability and a relatively low cost of living.  There is no state income tax.


Equal Opportunity Employer

Clark County is committed to increasing the ethnic, cultural and social diversity of its workforce and ensuring that diversity is a key priority of our organization.  We are committed to providing equal opportunity and access regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, age, marital status, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability or the use of a trained guide dog or service animal by a disabled person, sexual orientation/gender identity, veteran status or any other status protected by law.  Women, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.  


Clark County's Equal Employment Opportunity Plan is available at 


NOTE:  This announcement is intended as a general descriptive recruitment guide and is subject to change.  It does not constitute either an expressed or implied contract.



  If you are in need of ADA/Section 504 assistance for accommodations, please contact Human Resources at (360) 397-2456; Relay (800) 833-6388. 


Closing Date Continuous

Job Post Expiration Date;   June 3, 2017

  All jobs posted are considered open until filled and may close at anytime except as stated in the Job Description.

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