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Date Posted:               May 5, 2017
City/Organization:      Sugar Creek Township Fire Department, IN
Title:                           Firefighter
Category:                   Firefighter/EMS

Firefighter - Sugar Creek Township Fire Department, IN

Job Description:

About the Job

Minimum Qualification Requirements for Firefighter

Pursuant to Indiana law, applicants for the position of Firefighter with the Sugar CreekTownship Fire Department (“Department”) must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age at the time of appointment to the Department.   Applicants must be a citizen of the United States and must provide satisfactory proof of the date and place of their birth.  Applicants must have a high school diploma or its equivalent at the time of application and must also have a valid state driver’s license, and if appointed must obtain an Indiana driver’s license according to state law.  Applicants must be able to effectively and accurately communicate and understand the English language, both written and spoken.  In addition to the preceding, applicants must meet the conditions for membership in the Indiana Public Retirement System 1977 Police Officers’ and Firefighters' Pension and Disability Fund and, within six (6) months of the time of appointment to the Department, must be a resident of Hancock or a contiguous county.  Applicants must have no prior felony convictions.

Basic Essential Functions for Firefighters

  • Respond to alarms by reporting to assigned vehicle, riding in the assigned vehicle to the scene of the emergency or fire.
  • Lift, carry, drag, lay and connect hose lines from hydrants and equipment to scene.  Carry resuscitators, tools and other equipment from vehicle to scene.
  • Raise and climb ladders, crawl and walk on roofs and floors, open holes and windows with axes, bars or hooks for access or ventilation.
  • Combat fires by holding nozzles and directing streams of fog, chemicals or water and move into fire area, including confined spaces.
  • Communicate by voice or radio with other firefighters and other emergency personnel to relay observations, equipment needs and other relevant information.
  • Move people away from danger, including carrying unconscious people.
  • Provide emergency medical treatment to injured people.
  • Remove objects from buildings, place protective covers over objects and monitor assigned areas for signs of recurrence.
  • Conduct fire drills, critique drill participants on emergency procedures and related subjects.
  • Maintain departmental equipment and structures, which includes cleaning and washing walls and floors, hanging and drying fire hose, cleaning equipment and performing preventive maintenance on motorized equipment.
  • Maintain personal physical fitness.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.

Environmental Factors for Firefighters

  • Operate both as a member of a team and independently at incidents of uncertain duration.
  • Spend extensive time outside exposed to the elements.
  • Experience frequent transition from hot to cold and from humid to dry atmospheres.
  • Tolerate extreme fluctuations in temperature and perform physically demanding work in hot (up to 400o F), humid (up to 100%) atmospheres while wearing equipment that significantly impairs body cooling mechanisms.
  • Work in wet, icy or muddy areas.
  • Perform a variety of tasks on slippery, hazardous surfaces such as on roof tops or from ladders.
  • Work in areas where sustaining traumatic or thermal injury is possible.
  • Face exposure to carcinogenic dusts such as asbestos and toxic substances such as hydrogen cyanide, acids, carbon monoxide or organic solvents either through inhalation or skin contact.
  • Face exposure to infectious agents such as hepatitis B or HIV.
  • Perform complex tasks during life-threatening emergencies.
  • Work for long periods of time, requiring sustained physical activity and intense concentration.
  • Face life or death decisions during emergency conditions.
  • Tolerate exposure to grotesque sights and smells associated with major trauma and burn victims.
  • Make rapid transitions from rest to near maximal exertion without warm-up periods.
  • Operate in environments of high noise, poor visibility, limited mobility, at heights and in enclosed or confined spaces.
  • Use manual or power tools in the performance of duties.
  • Rely on sense of sight, hearing, smell and touch to help determine the nature of the emergency, maintain personal safety, and make critical decisions in confused, chaotic, and potentially life-threatening environments.
  • Wear personal protective equipment that weighs approximately 50 pounds while performing the essential functions of the job.
  • Perform physically demanding work while wearing protective breathing equipment with 1.5 inches water column resistance to exhalation at a flow of 40 liters/minute.
  • Be able to communicate with people effectively.

In addition to the general requirements set forth above, applicants for the position of Firefighter must, at a minimum, hold:

  • a current Indiana EMT or NREMT certification
  • a Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) card current issued within one year of Application submission deadline.  The CPAT card must also be current at time of hiring.
    • A photocopy of the applicant’s current CPAT card must be submitted with the application.  The CPAT card must be valid on June 9, 2017and remain so at time of conditional offer of employment.  The cost of acquiring the CPAT card is the responsibility of the applicant.  If you do not already have a current CPAT card or your card will expire on or before June 9, 2017, you are encouraged to renew/obtain one as soon as possible.  CPAT testing dates are limited and spots fill quickly.  Information about CPAT testing in the Indianapolis area may be found at:  or conduct an internet search for “CPAT” in your area.

Successful applicants will be placed on the Department’s two-year hiring eligibility list.


In this current process, the Department reserves the right to give preference to applicants who:

  • are currently; full-time firefighters, have membership in the Indiana Public Retirement System 1977 Police and Firefighters’ Pension Fund and hold current Indiana Department of Homeland Security paramedic licensure.

- OR -

  • hold current Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) paramedic licensure or the ability to obtain same within 30 days of conditional offer of employment.


Upon conditional offer of employment, if either the Baseline Statewide Physical or Mental Examination results for the Indiana Public Retirement System 1977 Police Officers’ and Firefighters’ Pension and Disability Fund are unfavorable, the Applicant shall be immediately eliminated from the selection process.  Individuals receiving a conditional offer of employment who pass the Baseline Statewide Examinations but do not accept appointment to the Department must reimburse the Department 100% of the expense of such examination.

Probationary Firefighter Hiring List Eligibility Selection Process Summary

All applicants who meet or exceed the minimum requirements will participate in structured, consistent forms of assessment designed to identify the most qualified individuals of those applying.  Final selection of applicants for placement on the eligibility list will be based solely on the total number of points accumulated during the entire selection process.  These points will be accrued in the following three components of the selection process:

Component One (50% of overall score):

Qualified applicants will be notified via email as to your eligibility and location details.  Component one consists of a written exam, an aerial climb evaluation and a confined space evaluation.

  • Component one will be conducted on Saturday, June 17, 2017.
  • The written exam will begin at 8:30 AM,
  • Applicants must be present by 8:30 AM. No applicant will be admitted after 8:30 AM.
  • All applicants must provide a valid driver’s license for identification purposes.  No applicant will be admitted into the exam without a valid driver’s license.
  • No electronic devices are allowed in the written exam room.
  • The written exam is a nationally standardized, multiple-choice, general knowledge test consisting of:
    • Reading comprehension
    • Situational judgement
    • Logical & mathematical reasoning
    • Mechanical aptitude
    • Reading gauges
    • Vocabulary
    • Spatial sense
    • Interpreting tables
    • Map reading
    • Practice exams are available at most public libraries and online.
  • Applicants scoring a minimum of 75% on the written exam will continue on to the aerial climb evaluation and the confined space evaluation.
    • The aerial climb evaluation is pass/fail.  The applicant is required to fully ascend and descend a 100-foot ladder set at approximately 60 degrees within an allotted time and according to instruction.  In the event of inclement weather an alternative ladder climb may be conducted.
    • The confined space evaluation is pass/fail.  The applicant is required to successfully navigate an enclosed, confined space course with limited visibility within an allotted time and according to instruction.
    • Dress suitably for these evaluations.
    • Appropriate safety equipment is provided; however, the applicant may use their own helmet (helmet must be ANSI or NFPA certified and have a chin strap), knee pads and/or gloves (gloves must provide adequate protection and dexterity).
  • Plan for a minimum of four (4) hours to complete this component of the process.
  • Applicants may bring food and drink for after the written exam.

Component Two (10% of overall score):

The Department will evaluate the applications of those applicants successfully completing component one for completeness. Points are awarded for certain certifications, education and experience.  

Available points for certifications, education and experience:

  1. Honorable discharge from the military or a current, active member in good standing of the National Guard / Reserves (2 points)
  2. Any IDHS technical rescue certification at or above operations level.  A bonus of 0.5 points is awarded for each qualified certification to a maximum of two (2) points.
  3. IDHS hazardous materials certification at or above the operations level. (0.5 points)
  4. Three (3) Years documented fire service experience (full, part time or volunteer)(0.5 points)
  5. Associate’s degree * (1 point)
  6. Bachelor’s degree and beyond * (2 points)
  7. One (1) year volunteer member, in good standing, of the Sugar Creek Township Fire Department for period of 12 continuous months prior to application deadline ** (1 point)
  8. Two (2) years volunteer member, in good standing, of Sugar Creek Township Fire Department for period of 24 continuous months prior to application deadline ** (2 points)


*  School must be accredited by an organization recognized by either the United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

** Points shall be awarded for either one (1) year or two (2) years of volunteer service, not both.

Component Three (40% of overall score):

Those applicants successfully fulfilling components one and two of the process will be scheduled for an oral interview.  The tentative date for the oral interview is Tuesday, June 20, 2017.  The interview date and time will be confirmed via email.

Progression through the process requires the successful completion of each component.  Upon the successful completion of all three components, applicants are ranked on the hiring eligibility list based on their total number of points earned.

Salary & Benefits:

2017 Salary:

  • 1st year- $42,768
  • 2nd year- $45,442
  • 3rd year- $52,658

-   due to the 24-hour on-duty, 48-hour off-duty schedule there is overtime pay in addition to the base pay

-   paramedics receive an additional $3,600/year

-   additional pay for education up to $2,080/year

-   longevity pay of $100/year for years 1-10 and $200/year for years 11-20

Benefit package includes:

  • medical with health reimbursement account
  • vision
  • dental
  • life
  • Indiana Public Retirement System 1977 Police Officers' and Firefighters' Fund retirement
  • paid time off

Application contains full process details.

Application for this process must be made using the application at:

Application deadline is 1600, Friday, June 9, 2017

email questions to:

Job Post Expiration Date;   June 10, 2017

  All jobs posted are considered open until filled and may close at anytime except as stated in the Job Description.

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