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State City Position Closing Date
  AK   Aleutians East Borough   Borough Administrator 03/25/17
  AK   Dillingham   City Manager 04/01/17
  AK   Kodiak   Deputy City Manager 04/13/17
  AL   Pelham   City Manager 04/04/17
  AZ   Oro Valley   Town Manager 04/01/17
  CA   Gustine   City Manager 03/21/17
  CA   Redding   City Manager 04/12/17
  CA   Truckee   Town Manager 04/20/17
  CA   Tulare City   City Manager 04/15/17
  CA   Tulare County   Director-Resource Management Agency 03/23/17
  CO   Buena Vista   Town Administrator 04/29/17
  CO   Green Mountain Falls   Town Manager/Clerk 03/22/17
  CO   Thornton   City Manager 04/29/17
  CO   Trinidad   City Manager 04/12/17
  CT   Andover   Town Administrator 04/23/17
  CT   Berlin   Town Manager 04/04/17
  CT   Granby   Town Manager 04/08/17
  CT   Windham   Town Manager 03/28/17
  FL   Oa-Locka   Assistant City Manager 04/08/17
  GA   Forsyth County   County Manager 05/02/17
  GA   Jefferson County   County Administrator 03/25/17
  GA   Long County   County Administrator 04/18/17
  GA   Oconee County   County Administrator 04/11/17
  GA   Templeton   Town Administrator 04/04/17
  GA   Tyrone   Town Manager 03/25/17
  GA   Villa Rica   City Manager 04/04/17
  IA   Sac City   City Administrator 03/24/17
  IA   Storm Lake   Assistant City Manager 04/06/17
  MA   Barre   Town Administrator 04/15/17
  MA   Berkley   Town Administrator 11/16/17
  MA   Dighton   Town Administrator 03/22/17
  MA   Douglas   Town Administrator 05/02/17
  MA   Freetown   Town Administrator 04/08/17
  MA   Northbridge   Town Manager 05/01/17
  MA   Upton   Town Manager 04/11/17
  MA   Wallagrass   Town Manager 05/18/17
  MA   Yarmouth   Assistant Town Administrator 03/21/17
  MA   Yarmouth   Assistant Town Administrator 03/21/17
  ME   Gardiner   City Manager 04/11/17
  ME   Poland   Town Manager 03/29/17
  ME   Rockland   City Manager 04/04/17
  MI   Alma   City Manager 04/09/17
  MI   Auburn   City Administrator 04/01/17
  MI   Northfield Township   Township Manager 04/22/17
  MI   Oxford   Village Manager 04/22/17
  MI   Pentwater   Village Manager 03/31/17
  MI   Reese   Village Manager 03/25/17
  MI   Shipshewana   Town Manager 04/29/17
  MN   Orono   City Administrator 03/29/17
  MN   Pope County   County Coordinator 03/23/17
  MN   West Saint Paul   City Manager 04/15/17
  NC   Ahoskie   Town Manager 04/16/17
  NC   Beulaville   Town Manager 04/07/17
  NC   Cumberland County   Assistant County Manager 04/11/17
  NC   Franklin County   Assistant County Manager of Financial Services 04/18/17
  NC   Greenville   City Manager 03/28/17
  NC   Lillington   Town Manager 04/26/17
  NC   Rocky Mount   City Manager 03/27/17
  NC   Selma   Town Manager 04/15/17
  NE   Wayne   City Administrator 04/16/17
  NH   Keene   City Manager 04/11/17
  NJ   Buena Borough   PT Municipal Administrator 03/25/17
  NJ   Hightstown Borough   Borough Manager 04/06/17
  NJ   Livingston Township   Township Manager 04/05/17
  NJ   Rockaway Township   Business Administrator 04/06/17
  NM   Questa   Village Administrator 04/08/17
  OH   Nelsonville   City Manager 03/20/17
  OH   Nelsonville   City Manager 03/20/17
  OR   Sisters   City Manager 03/25/17
  OR   Tigard   Assistant City Manager 04/25/17
  PA   Blawnox   Borough Manager 04/01/17
  PA   Myerstown   Borough Manager 04/11/17
  PA   Upper Chichester Township   Assistant Township Manager: Zoning, Planning, and License & Inspection 04/15/17
  RI   Smithfield   Town Manager 04/08/17
  SC   Johnsonville   City Administrator 04/04/17
  SC   Walhalla   City Administrator 04/07/17
  TN   Forest Hills   City Manager 03/28/17
  VA   Appomattox   Town Manager 04/02/17
  VA   Dumfries   Town Manager 04/08/17
  VA   Front Royal   Town Manager 05/01/17
  VA   Herndon   Town Manager 04/01/17
  VA   Northhampton County   County Administrator 04/01/17
  VA   Petersburg   City Manager 04/13/17
  VT   Hartland   Town Manager 04/01/17
  VT   Randolph   Town Manager 03/21/17
  WA   Monroe   City Administrator 03/20/17
  WA   Tacoma   City Manager 03/25/17
  WI   Marshall   Village Administrator 03/25/17
  WI   Prairie du Chien   City Administrator 03/28/17
  WI   Rothschild   Village Administrator 04/01/17

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