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State City Position Closing Date
  AK   Haines Borough   Borough Manager 03/02/17
  CA   Diamond Bar   City Manager 03/13/17
  CA   Los Gatos   Assistant Town Manager 03/04/17
  CA   Mendota   Director of Administrative Services 03/01/17
  CA   Monte Sereno   City Manager 02/25/17
  CA   Palo Alto   Deputy City Manager 03/06/17
  CA   South El Monte   City Manager 02/27/17
  CA   Tulare County   Director-Resource Management Agency 03/23/17
  CA   Walnut Creek   City Manager 03/14/17
  CO   Basalt   Town Manager 03/14/17
  CO   Centennial   City Manager 03/14/17
  CO   Littleton   City Manager 03/07/17
  CT   Groton   Town Manager 03/04/17
  GA   Oxford   City Manager 03/11/17
  GA   Polk County   Assistant County Manager 03/11/17
  GA   Stonecrest   City Manager 03/10/17
  GA   Tyrone   Town Manager 03/25/17
  IA   Bondurant   City Administrator 03/03/17
  KY   Hickman   City Manager 03/02/17
  MA   Berkley   Town Administrator 11/16/17
  MA   Eastham   Assistant Town Administrator/Finance Director 03/14/17
  MA   Shrewsbury   Town Manager 03/09/17
  MA   Yarmouth   Assistant Town Administrator 03/21/17
  MA   Yarmouth   Assistant Town Administrator 03/21/17
  ME   Caribou   City Manager 03/09/17
  ME   Dexter   Town Manager 02/25/17
  ME   Mapleton / Chapman and Castle Hill   Town Manager 03/14/17
  MI   Holly   DDA-Main Street Director/Asst Village Manager 02/24/17
  MI   Howard City   Village Manager 03/01/17
  MI   Lake Orion Village   Village Manager 02/28/17
  MN   Otsego   City Administrator 02/27/17
  NC   Chadbourn   Town Manager 03/02/17
  NC   Greenville   City Manager 03/28/17
  NC   Oxford   City Manager 02/25/17
  NC   Thomasville   Assistant City Manager 03/01/17
  NC   Warren County   County Manager 03/14/17
  NC   Waxhaw   Town Manager 03/11/17
  NC   Williamston   Town Administrator 03/09/17
  NH   Wakefield   Town Administrator 02/25/17
  NJ   Harding Township   Township Administrator 03/09/17
  NJ   Ocean Township   Township Manager 03/18/17
  NY   Mamaroneck   Village Manager 03/02/17
  NY   Sherrill   City Manager 02/25/17
  OH   Nelsonville   City Manager 03/20/17
  OH   Nelsonville   City Manager 03/20/17
  OK   Perry   City Manager 02/25/17
  OR   Benton County   County Administrator 03/06/17
  OR   Mt. Angel   Assistant City Manager 03/02/17
  RI   Tiverton   Town Administrator 02/25/17
  SC   Fountain Inn   City Administrator 02/26/17
  SC   Horry County   Assistant County Administrator for Public Safety 03/04/17
  TN   Germantown   Assistant City Administrator 03/04/17
  VA   Bowling Green   Town Manager 03/01/17
  VA   Manassas Park   City Manager 02/28/17
  VA   Northhampton County   County Administrator 04/01/17
  VA   Petersburg   Deputy City Manager 03/18/17
  VA   Powhatan County   County Administrator 03/04/17
  VA   Stafford County   Deputy County Administrator 02/27/17
  WA   Monroe   City Administrator 03/20/17
  WI   Kiel   City Administrator/DPW Director 03/03/17
  WI   Kimberly   Village Administrator 02/28/17
  WI   Menasha   Administrative Services Director 03/06/17
  WI   Mount Pleasant   Village Administrator 03/18/17

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