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City/County Manager and Administrators
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State City Position Closing Date
  AK   Dillingham   City Manager 05/12/17
  AZ   Gila County   County Manager 05/04/17
  CA   St. Helena   City Manager 05/06/17
  CO   Brighton   City Manager 05/06/17
  CO   Buena Vista   Town Administrator 04/29/17
  CO   Dillon   Town Manager 05/06/17
  CO   Thornton   City Manager 04/29/17
  GA   Fairburn   City Administrator 05/13/17
  GA   Forsyth County   County Manager 05/02/17
  GA   Guyton   City Manager 06/03/17
  GA   Stockbridge   City Manager 05/01/17
  KS   Ashland   City Administrator 05/10/17
  KY   Ashland   City Manager 05/06/17
  MA   Berkley   Town Administrator 11/16/17
  MA   Dennis   Assistant Town Administrator 05/27/17
  MA   Douglas   Town Administrator 05/02/17
  MA   Northbridge   Town Manager 05/01/17
  MA   Northbridge   Town Manager 05/01/17
  MA   Northfield   Town Administrator 05/01/17
  MA   Wallagrass   Town Manager 05/18/17
  MD   Salisbury   Deputy City Administrator 05/03/17
  ME   Auburn   Assistant City Manager 05/13/17
  ME   Dexter   Town Manager 05/11/17
  ME   Gorham   Town Manager 04/27/17
  ME   Island Falls   Town Manager 05/31/17
  ME   Norway   Town Manager 05/13/17
  ME   Poland   Town Manager 05/13/17
  ME   Sangerville   Town Manager 05/12/17
  ME   Wilmington   Town Manager 05/06/17
  ME   Woolwich   Town Administrator/Treasurer 05/16/17
  MI   Buena Vista Charter Township   Township Superintendent 04/29/17
  MI   Gladstone   City Manager 04/29/17
  MI   Shipshewana   Town Manager 04/29/17
  MN   Cloquet   City Administrator 05/18/17
  MN   Le Sueur   City Administrator 04/29/17
  MN   Rochester   City Administrator 04/29/17
  MO   Richmond   City Administrator 05/02/17
  MO   Richmond   City Administrator 05/02/17
  NC   Kenly   Town Manager 04/29/17
  NC   Marshville   Town Manager 05/06/17
  NC   Nash County   Assistant County Manager 05/05/17
  NC   Williamston   Town Administrator 05/15/17
  NJ   Bradley Beach Borough   Borough Administrator 04/30/17
  NJ   Chester Borough   Administrator 05/06/17
  NJ   Leonia Borough   Borough Administrator 05/13/17
  NJ   Long Hill Township   Township Administrator 05/21/17
  NJ   Medford Lakes Borough   Borough Manager 04/27/17
  NJ   Tewksbury Township   Township Administrator 05/13/17
  NJ   West Deptford Township   Municipal Administrator 05/21/17
  OH   Centerville City   City Manager 05/13/17
  OH   Ritman   City Manager 04/29/17
  RI   New Shoreham   Town Manager 05/16/17
  SD   Spearfish   City Administrator 05/14/17
  TN   Loudon   City Manager 04/30/17
  TN   Springfield   City Manager 05/20/17
  VA   Front Royal   Town Manager 05/01/17
  VA   Grayson County   County Administrator 05/09/17
  VA   Madison County   County Administrator 05/13/17
  VA   Norfolk   City Manager 05/27/17
  VA   Roanoke   City Manager 05/06/17
  VT   Wilmington   Town Manager 05/06/17
  WI   Adams County   County Manager/ Administrative Coordinator 05/21/17
  WI   Greenville   Town Administrator 04/28/17
  WI   Union Grove   Village Administrator 05/16/17
  WI   Whitefish Bay   Assistant Village Manager 05/13/17

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